Healing and Releases for All Souls

Heal your Wings

Freeing blocks for better quality of life or improved performance

Many ways to have Heal your Wings help you or a loved one feel better, do better, be better:

For Life Coaching

Energy and Reiki Healing sessions, can include Healing Attunement

Subconscious and trapped Emotion Releases using Emotion Code and Emotional Freedom Technique

Reiki Healing and Attunements on animals and Releasing trapped emotions for Behavior Modification

and Riding Coach:

Full hour visitation, Greater San Francisco Bay Area  $60 each additional half hour same visit $25

Half hour phone coaching with releases, and/or remote healing session  $25

Full hour phone coaching with releases, and/or remote healing session  $45

Monthly weekly coaching/remote healing and/or release sessions including unlimited text responses as needed during the month to keep forward progress:  $175

    Bay Area Option, First session is visitation, following sessions by phone with unlimited texting  $2



Reiki Clases:

Reiki I class                                                                                                   $150 Including book

Reiki II class (must have Reiki I) Sat, Feb 21, 2015 Sunol, CA                          $125

Advanced Reiki ART (must have Reiki I & II)  With Usui/Holy Fire                  $125 

Reiki classes can be easily scheduled with 2 or more students.

For Equine Body Awareness:

Phase I : Whole body tapping connecting each area of body with the brain and releasing locked hard muscles, creating Conditioned Relax Reflex (CRR) with the tapping.  Typically takes 2+ sessions depending on how tight and how large the horse is.  Once CRR is established, working with scary objects using the object to tap to release fear and establish learned emotional control. 

Phase II :  Asking the horse to move each hoof in each and every direction intentionally.  Every horse has the belief that at least one hoof can not move in a specific given direction intentionally without Phase II.  Upon completion, turn on the forehand, turns on the haunches, side pass and backing will be easy.

Visits not restricted to Equine Body Awareness, may include healing and/or releases for human, horse, or other animal, and coaching if desired.            

By the hour:  $65 first hour, $25 each additional half hour for same visit

By the package:  Option A3 visits, visits may last 1.5 hrs or a little more if needed,

                                                               and a short Tapper  $270


                           Option B:  5 visits, visits may last 1.5 hrs or a little more if needed,

                                                           and a short and long Tapper $495

Short tapper  $40

Long tapper  $75